AiUnseen by Canguo Liu

The AiUnseen AIGC project commences on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023, by Canguo Liu.

May 2023.

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The AiUnseen project commences on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023, by Canguo Liu. 

Canguo Liu

How can artists use AI? I utilize the potential of artificial intelligence to discover fascinating and unprecedented visual creations. Through analyzing extensive collections of abstract ideas, I uncover remarkable imagery that surpasses the boundaries of our limited human imagination.

I strive to embrace aleatoric, experimentation, and persistence similarly to other boundary-pushing artists. Rather than relying on prompts to dictate the outcome, I guide the AI to generate various images, sifting through countless trials to select the most extraordinary ones. 

With each new piece in this public series, I contribute to the human experience by sharing these discoveries of unseen beauty with my years of expertise in image enhancement, restoration, and details. As part of my ongoing commitment to this artistic exploration, I will continue to share a daily piece from my AI-generated series, furthering my years-long quest for innovative and unique visual expressions in visual and 3d, motion, XR, and AI.